Monti Online Shop

Spread across four shops for a total of 550 sqm and 15 window stores, Monti is a historical fashion boutique that smartly combines tradition with an edgier and more contemporary approach. For over 40 years, Monti stands for elegance and research, a landmark and not-to-be-missed destination of the fashion world in the historical buildings of Via Fantaguzzi, Cesena.

The architect Marco Costanzi, who directed the renovation of the interiors of the iconic Colosseo Quadrato for Fendi, was recently commissioned to create a new space for this one-off fashion boutique in the city centre of Cesena.

The refurbishment included the creation of a new space that houses both womenswear and accessories over two levels.
The result is a 240-square-metre space that uses dramatic contrasts between the glass and brass furnishings and the marble floor to spotlight garments and accessories, with over 100 spotlights across the ceiling that create theatrical plays of light and reflections through the space.


09.00 – 12.30
15.30 – 19.30

Thursday afternoon and Sunday closed.